Dalit History Month


  • The Lit Llama

    The Lit Llama

  • Mridula Garg

    Mridula Garg

  • Akshay Regulagedda

    Akshay Regulagedda

    Experienced Product Manager for AI. Can speak strategy, tech, data and design. Occasional forays into history and travel. Blogs in 2 languages.

  • Viswajith roop

    Viswajith roop

  • Violet


    Writ-er, Translator, Eternally wondering what’s so special about yellow flowers, living in the wastelands between Tamil and English! paperplane207.wordpress.com

  • Sanjukta Sunderason

    Sanjukta Sunderason

  • Shreshtha


  • Aditi Natasha Kini

    Aditi Natasha Kini

    An essayist and a multimedia artist, Aditi merges the personal with the political in both art and academia.

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